Moonchild Education offers well-structured Maths, English and Science GCSEs revision courses for Year 10 & 11. We follow the expectations of all exam board specifications and put our students into groups according to their exam boards, i.e. if a student is doing English Language in AQA exam board; we put him/her in a group where we follow AQA specification for English Language. Or if a student is taking the EDEXCEL paper for their maths, we put him/her into a maths group where we follow EDEXCEL specification for maths. In our groups we have maximum 6/7 students to make sure they can get enough interaction with their tutor.  If our students do not understand a topic we arrange extra free lessons to explain again until they comprehend the topic.

We have evening and weekend classes for our GCSE and A-Level Students.

We put our students into ability groups, as A-Levels and GCSE top group students’ progress quicker than average or lower level students. Putting them in different group will benefit the both groups: Lower level students will learn the topics deeply and go at their own speed instead of being dragged along/pressurised by the high level students, meanwhile top level students will work according to their learning speed and there won’t be any slow downs and they will learn quickly and move onto the next level.

For A-LEVELs we provide all the maths (core/pure maths, mechanics and statistics) for Year 12 and Year 13, alongside Chemistry and other topics, depends on the demand.

Our 2018 GCSEs success is 100 per cent (85 Per cent of these are grades 7 to 9) and (95 per cent success rate in English and 80 per cent of these grades 6 to 9 in English language) (100 per cent 4-9 grades in Science).

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