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for the SEND children, The Future Begins Here

Learning is the process of acquiring new understanding, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, attitudes, and preferences.

Our Special Education Needs Services

Are given in two languages:

Early detection of your child's special education needs is vital to help their individual needs better

Observe your child carefully and think about these:

Does your child show interest in others (you, their siblings and other children or adults?

Does your child responds your overtures and gestures?

Does your child start the play, communication or interactions?

Does your child regulate himself/herself in 10 minutes?

Does your child maintain flow of communication?

have you notice anything when your child is walking (like tiptoeing, stiff body, bumping to furnitures, shy away when he/she goes to park, flapping hands, circling around, etc?)

Does your child have sleeping issues, eating issues, toilet issues?

Does your child say any words or attempt to express themselves by using any way of communication?

Contact us for assessment. 

Children need to play and interact with other children and adults instead of watching TV or playing on tablets/phones

The long lasting Covid-19 pandemic created a detrimental habbits of using excessive amount of elctoronic devices in the families. Even their very young children are using electronic devices regularly and excessively. This has huge impact on communication and language as well as social and personal developmental difficulties amongst young children.

Staying in the house and being exposed electronic devices, young children are experiencing Sensory Integration problems which trigger their special education needs. Especially in the last few years special education needs, particularly AUTISM has doubled and now one child in every 43  is born with autism. Young children cannot process the huge amount of visual and sound inputs coming from TV programmes or video games these programmes are far away from the natural communications and interactions. 

Individualised Education and theraphy programmes are essential to meet the needs of children

Every child is unique and was born with a potential and capacity to learn. It is important to understand their needs and provide the best possible education and care for them. Education is a life-long process but the earliest years are the pivotal, particularly the ages between 0 to 5.

Many families detect their child's special education needs early but they get distructed by other family members' coments, who claims ''your dad talked late, you talked late, when s/he grow will be fine etc.'' Do not listen to people who has no training in education particulalrly in special education. 

If you have any concern about your child's development come and talk to us.

Why should you choose Moonchild Special Education Needs?

Our passionate Moonchild Special Education Needs team of educators and therapists deliver a great range of therapies and education programs to stimulate children learnings according to their individual needs. These are the main therapies we offer: 

Sensory Integration Theraphy

DIR Floor Time Theraphy

Play Theraphy

ABA Theraphy

Our therapists and educators are attending regular continuing personal development programmes and courses to update and improve their professional knowledge and skills. 

We do not provide only around table activities by making the child sit still, we provide  great range of activities from arts and crafts, messy play, sensory play, outdoor play, sensory integration activities and so on. We have great range of child-centered corners, like  sensory room, indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen, dressing corner, construction corner, animals corner, and so many other to challenge inquiring their minds.

We believe the fact that family is the main educator of the children, from beginning we encourage our parents to join their child’s education programme and therapies. Families are regularly informed therough tapestry videos and weekly reports. We also train families according to their children’s needs. 

At Moonchild we take hygiene very seriously, we are unique compared to other settings as we take off our children’s shoes indoor, provide the cleanest, spacious and airy atmosphere for the best therapies. We change children’s clothes when they get wet or dirty; change children’s nappies when they soiled or wet. We believe that without a intricate care, education is useless.   

Moonchild Special Education Needs

Special education needs and disabilities (SEND) can affect children's and young people's abilities to learn. They also affect their:
behaviour and ability to socialise, for example making freinds,
writing and reading, for example because they have dyslexia,
ability to understand things
concentration levels, because they have ADHD
physical ability ( special-education-needs)

Some of Our Benefits

Social, Personal and Emotional Development

Helping child gain and use social skills: play with other child/children; share toys, waiting for his/her turn;  

Helping child does his/her personal care: dressing and undressing clothes/shoes/coats, eating his/her own food; drinking own water; washing hands, face, brushing teeth; using toilet, potty/toilet training

Helping child self regulate themselves; express feelings of their own; understand other’s feelings and emotions; show emphaty and sympathy to others; stop hiting and biting

Communication and Language

We help children to:

 express themselves by using any form of communication (verbal or non-verbal); 

use functional communication; 

improve expressive and responsive communication; 

improve vocabulary and sentence style;

improve complex communication  

How It works at Moonchild Special Education Needs?

When parents contact with us about their child’s needs, we book one hour consultation meeting to meet with the child and both parents, if possible. Normally , two therapists attend this consultation meeting. After the consultation meeting, we create a theraphy map for the child and give detailed information about therapies and approaches we plan to employ  for the child’s needs. This consultation time may not be enough to understand the child’s needs, but after a few theraphy sessions, our therapists can undesrtand the child fully and make the necessarry alterations from the child’s theraphy schedule and share it with the parents. 

Physical Development

 Healthy physical development is one of the most important development for the children. Children have to be physically active for minimum 180 minutes daily. In our setting during the firt meeting  and the later theraphy stages each child is also assessed in physical development area carefully. We have a big room devoted for the sensory integration therapies and indoor physical activities.   

Moonchild SEN have also private and secure outdoor play area allowing children of all ages to benefit.
Here are just some of the powerful benefits gained by allowing young children to venture beyond their immediate indoor environment:
• Learning outside supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles by offering children opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement, and promoting a sense of well-being.
• Learning outside gives children contact with the natural world and offers them experiences that are unique to the outdoors, such as direct contact with the weather and the seasons.
• Playing and learning outside also helps children understand and respect nature, the environment and the interdependence of humans, animals, plants, and lifestyles.
• Outdoor play also supports children’s problem-solving skills and nurtures their creativity, as well as providing rich opportunities for their developing imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulne

Meet Moonchild Special Education Needs

Outdoor play are Mud Kitchen

Outdoor Play Area Den

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