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Moonchild Education is a leading provider of private nursery called Moonlight Nursery for ages 2 to 4, Special Education Needs Services for ages to 2 to 16  and after-school provisions, tuitions, for students ranging from the age of 5 to 16 (across Key Stages 1, 2 and 3) and 17-18 (A-Levels).

Moonchild Education endeavours to provide high quality after-school tuition in the subjects of Maths, Science and English for Students of Key Stages 1, 2,3 & 4, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A- Levels and their Exam preparation.

We offer 11 plus, year 6, secondary, and GCSE classes in child/teenager friendly homelike classes. Our lessons are fun, encouraging, and enriching for students.

We are always ready to guide parents to help their children achieve their full potential or how to support them through their educational life.

At Moonchild Education we focus on your child as an individual, in small groups, (a maximum of 6-7 children in a group) with highly qualified tutors your child is given the chance to work to their own strengths and succeed academically. Whether whizzing through school, or finding it tricky to keep up, we will support your child’s learning style by building confidence and enthusiasm to carry with them throughout their school years, and onto their future academic institution and careers.

Our Testing and Academic Measurement Centre is to measure the academic potential of your children in four areas: English, Numerical (maths) Reasoning, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Then we give you some guidance and information about your children and their possible potentials. This will help you in deciding whether it is a good decision to prepare your child for some school exams that tend to be more challenging (i.e. selective and grammar school exams or 11+).

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NURSERY (2-4 years)

Moonlight Nursery is Ofsted registered in the heart of Edmonton. We accept government funded placements for 2, 3 and 4 years old children. If you have trouble getting your code from the council then we are more than happy to help you, we have English speaking, Turkish speaking and Somalian speaking staff and we are open from 9am-3pm from Monday to Friday.

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Key stage 1 - Year 1

In Year 1, we prepare your child for their end of Year 1 “Phonics Screening Check Test”: We teach all the sounds and practice with them throughout the year. Having a good foundation in sounds in English will help your child to improve their English reading superbly.

What is Phonics Screening Check Test: The Phonics Screening Check is meant to show how well your child can use the phonics skills they’ve learned up to the end of Year 1, and to identify students who need extra phonics help. The Department for Education defines the checks as “short, light-touch assessments” that take about four to nine minutes to complete.

The checks consist of 40 words and non-words that your child will be asked to read one-on-one with a teacher. Non-words (or nonsense words, or pseudo words) are a collection of letters that will follow phonics rules your child has been taught, but don’t mean anything – your child will need to read these with the correct sounds to show that they understand the phonics rules behind them. (See for more information Phonics screening check: 2018 materials – GOV.UK)

Key stage 1 - Year 2

Your child will take national tests called SATs Exams by the end of key stage 1 i.e Year 2. These test your child’s skills in:

  • English reading
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Maths

Your child will take the tests in May. You can ask the school for the test results.

You’ll be sent the results of your child’s teacher assessments automatically.

Key stage 2 - Year 3, 4, 5 & 6

After Year 2 SATs in Year 3 and Year 4 children need to improve their reading, writing and mathematics skills to build a strong foundations for their later years of primary school. Year 5 is revising previous years and working towards the SATs in Year 6.

Key Stage 3 - Year 7, 8 & 9

For Key Stage 3, from Year 7 to Year 9, we provide tuition in Maths, Science and English. Recently, policies about the GCSEs have changed and in these subjects’ exams are getting harder. In Key Stage 3 we try to give a strong foundation to our students to make sure they are ready for the heavy workload in Year 10 and Year 11.


The 11 Plus or 11+ is an exam taken by students usually at the end of Year 5 or at the beginning of Year 6. 11 Plus exams are normally set by the selective or grammar schools and they give exams to students to select them according to their academic abilities for admissions in Year 7.


Moonchild Education offers well-structured Maths, English and Science GCSEs revision courses for Year 10 & 11. We follow the expectations of all exam board specifications and put our students into groups according to their exam boards, i.e. if a student is doing English Language in AQA exam board;


Available Courses:

  • ESOL: Learning basic English
  • B1: English Exam for Settlement/Naturalisation and Spouse visa.

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