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11 Plus

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We are always ready to guide parents to help their children achieve their full potential or how to support them through their educational life.


11 Plus

The 11 Plus or 11+ is an exam taken by students usually at the end of Year 5 or at the beginning of Year 6. 11 Plus exams are normally set by the selective or grammar schools (i.e. The Latymer School in Edmonton, Queen Elizabeth’s School for boys in Barnet, Redbridge Grammer Schools, Bancroft’s School) and they give exams to students to select them according to their academic abilities for admissions in Year 7.


The 11 Plus exams usually involve the following tests:

Have questions regarding 11 plus tuition?

If you are interested in preparing your child for an 11 Plus exam, i.e. grammar school exams, selective school exams (including independent and privately owned ones) come and see us. One of our education coaches or managers will be able to answer your questions regarding 11 plus tuition. Also, you can ask your child’s current school, your Local Education Authority, the Grammar or Independent Schools whose selective tests your child will be sitting.

You can research online, too.

17 years of teaching experience

Having 15 years of teaching experience in that area, helping many students to go through these exams successfully’ including our daughter (who graduated from the Latymer School in Edmonton), we know what to do and how to help your child. 

11 plus tuition

We offer intensive 11 plus tuition to prepare your child for sitting the Grammar/Selective School entry exams.

Our class sizes are the smallest in the tutoring centres in almost everywhere in London, we have a maximum of 5/7 students in each class.

We have individualised our students learning and even in small groups, everyone’s individual learning plan is drawn.

Verbal ( for some schools also Non-Verbal) Reasoning is not normally taught at schools, Thus children will not have any experience in this area and definitely they need to be taught by professional and experienced tutors . Your child needs strong support to comprehend this (or these two) area/s.

We start 11 Plus intensive teaching in Year 3 or Year 4 and it will get more intensive in Year 5. As you know 11 Plus exams are taking place very at the beginning of Year 6 in September.

All the materials provided in all subjects are free

We provide plenty of materials to our students to make sure they are exposed to all the possible styles of questions. All the materials provided in all subjects are free.

We follow the 11 Plus/Grammar/ Selective schools closely for the exam application deadlines, exam dates and their possible sample questions styles.

When you come to us, we will assess your child’s academic ability and if we believe that your child might not deal with this intensive teaching and the workload we will be honest with you.

An important fact based on our experiences shows that: the foundation we are providing to your child during the intensive preparation period in Year 4 and Year 5 is very strong, even if they do not pass the exam of the school they want to study, their strong foundation will make them to be in the first top three in their classroom whichever secondary school they end up going to, help them to get best results from their GCSE/ A-Levels and then finally help them to go the best university.

If you like we will give a chance to your child and let him/her try and see if he/she can do it.


Our Benefits

Our lessons are fun, encouraging, and enriching for students. We are always ready to guide parents to help their children achieve their full potential or how to support them through their educational life.