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Moonchild Education is a leading provider of private nursery called Moonlight Nursery for ages 2 to 4, Special Education Needs Services for ages to 2 to 16 and after-school provisions, tuitions, for students ranging from the age of 5 to 16 (across Key Stages 1, 2 and 3) and 17-18 (A-Levels).

Moonchild Education endeavours to provide high quality after-school tuition in the subjects of Maths, Science and English for Students of Key Stages 1, 2,3 & 4, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A- Levels and their Exam preparation.

We offer 11 plus, year 6, secondary, and GCSE classes in child/teenager friendly homelike classes. Our lessons are fun, encouraging, and enriching for students.

We are always ready to guide parents to help their children achieve their full potential or how to support them through their educational life.


At Moonchild Education we focus on your child as an individual, in small groups, (a maximum of 6-7 children in a group) with highly qualified tutors your child is given the chance to work to their own strengths and succeed academically.

Whether whizzing through school, or finding it tricky to keep up, we will support your child’s learning style by building confidence and enthusiasm to carry with them throughout their school years, and onto their future academic institution and careers.

Our Testing and Academic Measurement Centre is to measure the academic potential of your children in four areas: English, Numerical (maths) Reasoning, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Then we give you some guidance and information about your children and their possible potentials. This will help you in deciding whether it is a good decision to prepare your child for some school exams that tend to be more challenging (i.e. selective and grammar school exams or 11+).

Hello, my name is Mustafa Durmaz


Mustafa studied Chemistry Education in Turkey and has done a one-year extra course in further mathematics. In Turkey, he worked in a leading high school and several tuition centres, which were preparing young adults for university exams.
Since 2008 Mustafa is actively teaching Mathematics and Science (From Year 6- end of the A-Levels) in England. Statistic and Mechanics are the hardest parts of the A-Level Mathematics and Mustafa is one of the rare private teachers to teach these areas of A-Level. Mustafa is one of the two directors at the education centre.

Hello, my name is Dondü Derya Durmaz

Her first degree is in Psychological Counselling in Turkey, and then she did her Master Course at University of Leeds (in 2002) and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy, at University of Warwick in 2011) in Education. She also has Child Care level 3 Diploma (2012) and Child Psychology Level 3 Diploma (on-going).
At Moonchild Education Dr Durmaz is one of the two directors alongside her other roles of teaching English, Verbal Reasoning she also is supervising university students' assignment writings, dissertations, thesis privately. She has written two book chapters and a journal article with her supervisor Professor Carol Aubrey.

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