For Key Stage 3, from Year 7 to Year 9, we provide tuition in Maths, Science and English. Recently, policies about the GCSEs have changed and in these subjects’ exams are getting harder. In Key Stage 3 we try to give a strong foundation to our students to make sure they are ready for the heavy workload in Year 10 and Year 11. For all those lessons (Maths, Science and English) we follow

Mathematics programmes of study: key stage 3 and

The national curriculum in England – Key stages 3 and 4 framework …

  • Our teachers are highly qualified in their areas
  • Small class sizes (6-7 students)
  • Regularly set and checked homework
  • Regular feedbacks to parents
  • Great range of learning materials are provided
  • Individualised learning plans for each student

In Year 7 (or just before) students are given CATs (Cognitive Ability Tests) to measure their potential academic abilities and according to the results of these tests secondary schools put their new coming students in sets (groups). Normally, CATs do not need to be preparation for, yet having some knowledge and understanding in these test styles may help your child obtain a higher CATs results and place in a higher set. Research findings indicate that being in a low set might lower the self esteem of the children and sometimes they believe that there is no point of working harder as they are already in a low group and they will not go into upper groups. On the other hand, being in a group above the average might motivate the child to stay in the group or even go onto a higher one if possible.

This is true for Year 8 and Year 9s, as parents it is a good practice to make sure your children gets the best after school support to keep up with the expectations of the national strategies in Maths, Science and English.

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